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I'm figuring this new site build out! I will write more soon, but currently, I'm working on Tales of Hoffman with LA Opera, learning As One for Long Beach Opera, recording a new audiobook, prepping for another show with my improv group Not Friends & doing a workout group with Mick Wingert for voice over. I am so excited by the work I'm doing. Plus, I've been able to spend some great time with my loved ones over the past 2 weeks... celebrating the life of one of the most incredible women I've known, Mary Grace, who survived 13 years with Multiple Systems Atrophy with strength, joy, grace and vivaciousness. Learn more about MSA and donate to solving it here: And then, I celebrated a big birthday with my cousin & our incredible family. I am really blessed! So, now to learn how to build a website...and maybe get a few of these Kaminsky songs down!!!

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